“Mountain Gorilla” 32″ x 28″ 2021

“Panda Mick” – giant panda 19″ x 22″ 2022

paper sculpture of loon for display in home or office

“Drum Roll” common loon 32″ x 17″ 2021

sparrows sculpture for sale

“Sparrows” 22″ x 15″ 2021


“MoonRidge” 44”w x 68”h


“Firstracks” 86”w x 30”h

“Beau’s Elle” 60”w x 27”h

“To Ride” 12” x 20” x 2”


“Doves” 32”w x 50”h Donor Wall Ross Memorial Hospital

“White Wolf”
18”w x 23”h

“Sheer Power”
24”w x 20”h

“Mate in the Mist”
21”w x 14”h

34”w x 26”h

“Plover” 9” x 9”

“Junco” 9” x 7”

“Zig-Zag” 52” x 40”

“Interloper – Kanderstag” 24″ x 24”

“Malamuzhakki – great hornbills” 24″ x 30”

“Dolphins in the Surf45″ x 30”

“Piglet” 12″ x 10”

“Splash Dance” 21″ x 20”

“Spotted Owls” 28″ x 25”

“Gracie” 12″ x 16”

“Bhudda” 25″ x 25”

Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture Art High Roller

“High Roller”
18”w x 21”h

“Boreal Owl”
20”w x 22”h

“Little Owl”
20”w x 22”h

“Heading Home”
20”w x 25”h

24”w x 23”h

“Saddle on Cedar”
24” w x 24”h

“Winter Evening in Oeschinen Valley”
36” w x 20”h

“Hawk study”
16”w x 11”h

34”w x 24”h

11”w x 11”h

20”w x 32”h

30”w x 24”h

24”w x 20”h

14”w x 14”h

“Greater Bird of Paradise”
30”w x 30”h

“Panda n’ Pal” (back to back)
11”w x 11”h

Series for PrivatAir of Baar, Switzerland

Follett Corporation Campaign - seventy-five sculptures 1995 - 2010

1995 “Leadership”

2000 “Accuracy”

2001 “Speed of Response”

1999 “A Better Grasp”

2003 “Caring”

2004 “Making a Point”

2001 “Always Eager”

2004 “Frills Attached”

"World Before This one" - series of fifteen sculptures

Author: Rafe Martin / Publisher: Arthur A. Levine imprint of Scholastic Press N.Y.

( click here for prints and sculptures )

“Gaqka” page 1
…”Run!” screamed Grandmother.””

“Old Man Winter” page 13
…”hungrily prowling, hard at work.”

“Loon” page 78
…”the loon that guards the hearts…”

“Crow stone” page 190
…”and carrying in the deerskin pouch the crowstone…”

“Moccasins” page 176
…”even in winter I walk on flowers.”

“Chipmunk” page 184
…”Don’t eat me yet. Let me dance first.”

“Two Feathers” page 154
…”The heron feathers will speak and warn you of danger.”

“Buffalo” page 47
…”buffalo mother whispered, “Run well my son.”

“Niagwahe” page 60
…”The monster bear paused. Never had it heard such a challenge.”

David Yurman - “An Enchanted Holiday”

“An Enchanted Holiday” 2017/2018 (Owl, hare, wolf and bear) Eighteen sculptures completed for window and store display in New York and Beverly Hills – embossed versions produced for display by retail partners including Saks Fifth Avenue.

Credits: Jewellery by David Yurman – Scenery and trees by Makerie Studio – Video by The Mill (New York)

David Yurman eighteen sculptures completed for window and store displays in New York and Beverly Hills.
Taking a closer look at the Madison Avenue window.

First Entertainment
Credit Union
Los Angeles

Calvin-Nicholls-Corporate-Gladiator 400

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