Boreal Owl – Limited Edition Art Print

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Paper Sculpture by Calvin Nicholls.

The paper owl shown here reminds me of my start in the art of sculpting in paper. Early in my career I was paying attention to the paper, tools and resulting artwork. A finished sculpture can be very limiting when it comes to providing purchase opportunities for collectors. I use multiple ways of selling artwork to prompt a better chance to reach various budgets and audiences.

Advertising Agencies and Licensing

Creative directors search daily for new talent and ways to build visually exciting advertising campaigns.I used licensing of my work which helped immensely in the early stages of my career. In addition, I began to create wildlife imagery that people could display in their homes.

Short Editions

Many fine art sculptors make copies of their sculpture in bronze at a foundry. A decision to create short editions has helped over the years. For instance, as I start to hand cut and shape the paper patterns I simply make another set. Now I can provide additional copies of the sculpture design.  The paper sculptures are mounted on varying backgrounds and displayed in diverse framing styles. Hand made original artwork commands a higher purchase price due to required research, development and studio time. More solutions had to be pursued if I was achieve my goals.

Limited Edition Prints

Artists have created reproductions of their images for many years. I use that strategy by carefully lighting my artwork in my to create subtle highlights and shadows. The detail and form is captured photographically and then used to create an illusion of depth that tricks the eye. Specialized inks by Epson are used to record the image beautifully on 300gsm archival art paper. These prints have a trim size of 11x 14 and an image size close to 9 x 12 depending on the proportions of the image itself. They can be framed with or without mats to compliment the mat opening that is already part of each design in the actual print. Either way, I am rewarded with the 3D effect which is dramatic enough to stop viewers and prompt a question about the artwork. For more details on my work please visit my studio page

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